Changing Cameras -- Blender 3D Game Engine

4.  Add a Keyboard Sensor to the Camera.

Camera Selected

Because we are using States, we can use one Keyboard Sensor to switch from Camera 1 to Camera 2 and then back to Camera 1.

Buttons Window menu >> Logic (F4)
Sensors Add
Keyboard Sensor
Key: C

5.  Add an AND Controller -- State Mask Group 1

Active Camera Selected

Buttons Window menu >> Logic (F4)
Controllers Add
AND Controller  (State Mask Group 1)

6.  Add a Scene Actuator -- Set Camera Actuator.

When the C Key is pressed, we want to change the active camera from Cam1 to Cam2.

Buttons Window menu >> Logic (F4)
Actuators Add
Scene Actuator
Set Camera.
OB: Cam2