Simple Movement -- Blender 3D Game Engine

Add a Motion Actuator -- Servo Control

This one Servo Control is used for all movement. uses the key being pressed to set/change the linear velocity and limits.

The Servo Control must be named move.  Can't be named Fred or Move or anything else.  The python code looks for a keyboard sensor attached to the controller named move.

Buttons Window menu >> Logic (F4)
Actuators Add
Motion Actuator
Servo Control
Name:  move
Connect Sensors >> Python Controller >> Servo Control

Buttons Window menu >> Logic (F4)
Pull wire from brass bump to brass dimple

Optional:  Add a Property named walking to the player

The Property must be named walking.  Can't be named Fred or Walking or anything else.  The python code looks for a Property named walking.

The Property named walking allows you to change the speed your player walks.  If there isn't a Property named walking, will use the default walking speed.

Add Property to player named walking
Buttons Window menu >> Logic (F4)
Add Property button
Type:  Float
Name:  walking
Amount:  5.0


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