Text: Blender Multitexture Materials


Select Opaque / Add / Alpha / Clip Alpha

White letter and black background are rendered.
Anything with black isn't rendered.  
Alpha (with Text button enabled):
The black background becomes the alpha channel
Clip Alpha (with Text button enabled):
Same as Alpha but tighter.  Gets rid of blurred edges.

Button Windows menu >> Editing (F9)
Texture Face tab
Opaque / Add / Alpha / Clip Alpha buttons
Select one

Add a material to the Plane
Buttons Window menu >> Panels -- Shading (F5) >> Panels -- Material buttons
Links and Pipeline tab
Link to Object
Add New

Add a texture to the material

Add a new texture to the material:

Buttons Window menu >> Shading (F5) >> Texture buttons (F6)
Texture tab
Select an empty channel
Add New

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