Skybox: Blender 3D Game Engine


4.  Delete bottom half of cube.

Select only the bottom four verts:

Delete bottom four vertices.
3D View menu >> Mesh >> Delete >> Vertices
X Key >> Vertices

5.  Select the 4 side edges.  Mark as seams.

We want our UV map to have the same shape as the SkyBox texture that we are going to be using.

Cube selected.  Edit Mode

Edge select mode.
3D View menu >> Edge Select mode
Ctrl Tab 2

Select four side edges only

Mark seams
3D View menu >> Mesh >> Edges >> Mark Seam
Ctrl E key >> Mark Seam

6.  Add a material to the game object.  Set to Shadeless.

We don't want the inside of the skybox to reflect the light from the lamps.

Buttons Window menu >> Shading (F5) >> Material buttons
Links and Pipeline tab:
Link to Object
Add New

Set material to Shadeless
Buttons Window menu >> Panels >> Shading (F5) 
Material tab
Shadeless button