Render to Texture -- Blender 3D Game Engine


4.  Add a texture to the material

Do not use the texture/image on any other material. 
If you have 2 textures to be rendered to, load 2 different images.

Buttons Window menu >> Shading (F5) >> Texture buttons (F6)
Texture Tab
Add New
Texture Type:  Image
Give it a unique name
Unique name
Image tab


5.  Add a UV Texture to the material

Buttons Window menu >> Editing (F9)
Mesh tab
UV Texture: New
Give it a unique name

6.  UV Unwrap the UV texture

For this example, I am using 'Project From View' for the UV Calculation

Monitor selected:  Edit Mode

UV Unwrap
U key
3D View menu >> Mesh >> UV Unwrap
Select UV Calculation method