Weapon Reticle:  Blender MultiTexture Materials


4.  Add a plane to hold the weapon reticle

The Camera is looking straight down at position ( 0.00, 0.00, 0.00).  

Add a plane
User Preference menu >> Add >> Mesh >> Plane
Spacebar >> Add >> Mesh >> Plane

Position the plane in front of the camera
Open Transform Properties
N key
3D View menu >> Object >> Transform Properties
LocX = 0.00, LocY = 0.00, LocZ = 0.00
RotX = 0.00, RotY = 0.00, RotZ = 0.00

5.  Add a material to plane:  Enable Shadeless button

There isn't a light in the HUD scene.  
Use the shadeless button to make the Weapon Reticle visible.

Plane selected:  Object Mode

Buttons Window menu >> Shading (F5) >> Material buttons
Links and Pipeline tab
Link to Object
Add New

Enable Shadeless button
Buttons Window menu >> Shading (F5) >> Material buttons
Material tab
Shadeless button