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Blender Tutorial archive Blender Tutorial archive
  • Catagories include:
Non-Blender, Game Engine, Specials, Rendering, Light, Materials, Animation, Modeling, Getting Started

Noob to Pro Blender 3D: Noob to Pro
  • A series of tutorials arranged in a sequence to help the new user become a Blender expert.

BlenderNation Links
  • Tutorials created by Blender users that got the BlenderNation stamp of approval.  A little bit of everything.  Interesting stuff.

Blendenzo.com Blendenzo.com  
  • Blender 3D Game Engine Tutorials:
Game Design (General).  Creating the User Interface.  Making Great Environments.  Texturing Adding Media.  Bullet Physics.  BGE Python.

OTO the Cleaner
  • Blender 3D Game Engine Tutorials:
Game Level Design 1 & 2.  Character animation for begginers.  Little OTO.  Carball Pinball.  And more.

The Blender 3D game engine can be used to make and play computer games.  Let your friends download and play your computer game.  Use the Blender 3D game engine to model game characters and 3D environments to create casual video games, first and third person shooters, role playing computer games, racing simulations video games for download.  Sell your games or let people download them for free.