Blender Websites



Blender 3D Blender 3D
  • The home of Blender 3D. 
  • Catagories include:
Announcements.  Offical updates.  Gallery.  Latest offical projects.  Suzanne awards nominations and winners.  Etc.

Blender Nation BlenderNation
  • The latest Blender 3D news.  Updated several times a day.
  • Catagories include:
Covers new Blender features, books, tutorials, releases, videos, etc. 

Blender Artists Blender Artists
  • Home of one of the largest Blender 3D communities. 
  • Catagories include:
News, Gallery, Tutorials and Forum.

Blender Art Magazine blender art magazine
  • Published bi-monthly.  Each issue covers a different topic.
  • Free for download as a high quality PDF magazine. 
  • Gallery and Tutorials by the Blender community.

GraphicAll GraphicAll
  • The latest Blender 3D builds. 
  • Test new features that are being developed.
  • Windows, Mac and Linux builds are available.  

The Blender 3D game engine can be used to make and play computer games.  Let your friends download and play your computer game.  Use the Blender 3D game engine to model game characters and 3D environments to create casual video games, first and third person shooters, role playing computer games, racing simulations video games for download.  Sell your games or let people download them for free.